Glowing Flowery Stilt Characters

An Otherworldly Experience Awaits You

Silvery holographic stilt characters with glowing lotus flowers atop their heads! These slender & mysterious creatures will dazzle at your event.


Ideal creatures for Music & Art Events, Dance Parties, Poolside Galas, Fashion Shows & more


An otherworldly addition to your event!. These stilt characters walk the line between mystical and Sci-Fi with grace and impact!

Their human forms wrapped in white holographic stretch fabric resemble the tall stalk of a gigantic flower, or a temple statue come to life. Their bodies feature large undulating leaves instead of human hands, & a massive crown that resembles glowing petals of the largest lotus flower you’ve ever seen! Their glowing flower heads change color and flash to the beat of the music!

The Lotusapiens feature two separate face styles you can choose from: full-makeup “cirque” style or “masked character” style.

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